For years folks have speculated that the curvaceous Iggy Azalea has had plastic surgery on her butt. The volume of those talks began increasing after Iggy posted nude photos to her Instagram account last week. They continued growing when Iggy uploaded a video of herself showing off her behind earlier this week.

In the video, Iggy can be seen twerking as she rocks some skimpy lingerie as she playfully flaunts her body. The overlaid text includes a message to folks with questions about how, exactly, she came to acquire that behind.

"The fact I have to violate myself just to block y'all from tryna body shame me," she writes in the message. Clearly she's had enough of the world's comments on her figure.

Iggy is taking a lot of comments about her body, but based on the numerous bikini posts she's uploaded since going nude, she hasn't been discouraged from flaunting her assets. Iggy's twerking videos and the like are probably here to stay.

In other Iggy news, the rapper is now just about five days removed from unloading Survive the Summer, a six-track EP that marked the Australian artist's first project since her debut album, The New Classic. Powered by her Tyga-assisted single, "Kream," it's gotten her a ton of attention, and will likely continue to do so.

Check out a video of Iggy's twerking session below.

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