I need your assistance. I wanna do something really cool with my better half this weekend but I'm really having a hard time thinking of something that isn't just same ole dame ole. I'm sure you guys can help. Out of all of our listeners, I'm betting that at least a few of you have come up with a pretty awesome date night in the 432.

I'm hoping to steer away from the typical dinner and a movie or mini golf date. I want something with a little bit of excitement, wow factor, and maybe even a little bit of danger but I am absolutely drained  of clever and original date night ideas for this area. We went to Summer Mummers last weekend and it was fun, but it just wasn't as good as most the other years we've been. Most years we are bent over laughing uncontrollably and this year was funny, but not side splitting funny.

Help a brotha out.

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