Earlier this year, Miami's Ice Billion Berg dropped off his surprise Real Is Rare mixtape for his loyal fans. Now, he's released a visual for "Real Spill," one of the best songs off the project.

The new Ordell "O" Etkins (@KameoFilms)-directed video finds Ice Billion Berg and his friend traveling to the center of a field to dig up a big bag of money. From there, he travels to what appears to be a drug deal with a dangerous crime organization. Looks like he and his boy have big plans. We'll let you watch the video to see how everything works out.

The track itself is one that sees the rising Florida rap star using the same gripping, blunt-force rapping that makes him great. "And if I gotta stack this mack in your rib cage/It was 'cause my bills late/I'm tryna get it up the real way/20-acre compound with the steel gates," he spits on the track.

Watch Ice Billion Berg's newest video for yourself below.

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