Since his cousin came onto the show in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Safaree had debating between whether or not he should stay in California. But after hearing about how much his family missed him in the Big Apple, he decided that he needed to go home. But of course, that couldn't happen without a lavish going away party to send him off. But before we get to that, let's look at what happened to the rest of the cast on the fourth season finale of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

It's been a minute since we've seen Teairra. Following a very emotional intervention with Nikki and Moniece, Teairra had been at a rehab facility in San Francisco. And like they promised, Nikki and Moniece came to visit. While some may have expected a fight to erupt amongst the women, it was practically all smiles and positivity on both sides. Teairra revealed that she hadn't spoken to Cisco since their breakup, and we found out that she had surpassed the 30-day mark, which she promised she would finish, and extended her say to the full 90 days of treatment. We're proud that Teairra's getting the help she needed to bring her to a better place.

Fizz thought he could get B2K back together. And even though Omarion completely backed out of the idea, he forged on and brought Boog and Ray J, the potential new member, into the studio together. Unfortunately, it ended up being one ego trip after another. Things got so bad that producers and security were came in, just in case there would be a rumble between Boog and Ray. Thankfully, that didn't happen. But it also meant that Fizz had to accept leaving the group in the past. He later apologized to Boog about what happened with Ray and trying to put him into that situation without a heads up.

Even though Keyshia will be the first to admit that she and Booby have been done for a while, things became official as the former couple finally signed their divorce papers. Even though Booby had accepted it, he was still sad about it being official. However Keyshia saw it as an opportunity for both of them to really move on and grow into their new lives. And before they can become best friends, they had to be great co-parents first. So at the end, she left him hanging when he wanted to get a final hug.

Even though Masika got into a brawl with Hazel-E last week, that didn't stop her and Brooke from hitting the stage in the Ladies Night showcase. And luckily for them, they found out that Hazel decided to skip out on the event altogether. Both ladies did stellar performances. However, it was Brooke's encounter with Bridget, who also performed, that made for some interesting entertainment. She confront Bridget at the bar for stealing her song, but Bridget clapped back about that and eventually threw pretzels at Brooke and ended their friendship.

Booby also came to support Brooke and surprised her with flowers. However he ended up with a surprise attack from her regarding his trip to Catalina with Bridget. Booby didn't even try to hide it and pointed out that he was tossed to the side because Brooke chose Marcus over him. Despite the end of a love connection, the two promised each other that they would remain best friends and keep no secrets from each other anymore. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse when we found out that Brooke's family was stuck in the middle of Hurricane Harvey. Although it looked like they got through it, she turned to the man that she tried to quit but couldn't -- Marcus. After discussing their issues, he showed her the ring he wanted to propose with and explained that they weren't ready for that commitment yet. But hopefully, if she were willing to try, they could possibly start over. She sealed that promise with a kiss.

As all Love & Hip Hop seasons end, everyone came together for one last big hurrah. And since Safaree was leaving, he thew a big white party. He performed some of his tracks including a freestyle asking Nikki if she'd sleep with him one last time. After the performance, Teairra came up in conversation, and Moniece admitted that the visit was good but Tea Tea seemed distant. She would have said more, but A.D. walked into the conversation. She pulled Moniece to the side and asked to be taken back. While Moniece still loved A.D., she was now guarded and asked for some time to figure it all out.

Meanwhile, Hazel finally confront Ray about their studio session. Although we expected there to be another fight, Ray held his own and explained that Hazel did a great job in the studio, which made her feel better.

Teairra did make another appearance in the episode and headed to the studio instead of Safaree's party where Cisco confront her about going to rehab. As we've seen Cisco do in the past, he played the victim in the situation and lied by saying he wasn't two-timing Teairra. But when she put her foot down, he admitted that he messed up. But he was disappointed to hear that even though he admitted his faults, she wouldn't take him back.

And that's all for this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Stay tuned for the reunion show where we'll get updates from our cast favorites.

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