I finally made myself watch it last night, and I have to say Suicide Squad was disappointing to say the least, but for the exact opposite reason I expected. I thought I was going to hate Joker and Harley but like the plot. Yes, before you ask. I'm a nerd. I'm stickler for certain things. Joker and Harley were actually played by the actors pretty well. However, they written HORRIBLY! The thing is, they were both the main focus in the movie but Joker wasn't a big deal in the original squad and Harley was non-existent. This was a total gimmick movie with a comic based name.

Harley is a cool character in the Batman line up but NOT good on her own. As Jokers girl she is crazy, clever, and ruthless but the only reason she doesn't get killed by other villains is because she is Joker's girl. In the movie you have an entire army with automatic weapons firing shots at the enemy and failing miserably but for some reason a tiny white girl with a baseball bat is all good? Come on, I don't care who you are. That's just too far of a reach. The plot was horrible and they tried to cover it up with special effects and Harley's boy shorts. Deadshot (Will Smith) was easily the best part of that movie character wise. Don;t get me wrong, I love nice bootys and boy shorts as much as the next guy, but if I wanted that I could watch Showgirls or a porno. Don't mess up my comic book villains.