I'm a kid of the 80's! Graduated in the 80's! Love the 80's! And yes, loved PRINCE.

There were 3 music icons of the 80's while growing up. You had Michael, Madonna and Prince. That's it.  No one bigger. And of all the three, Prince was the most mysterious, naughty, edgy and down right talented musician.

I can remember buying the Purple Rain album and thinking back then that this was the most edgy album in my collection. Prince wasn't POP, he was RAWNESS. And, that's how you felt when ever you heard a Prince song.

His brilliance was hie musicianship. His guitar. His writing.

My 80's icons are slowing going away and with the passing of Prince, you can't somehow feel like a piece of your youth has gone as well, that is if your a kid of the 80's!

Thanks Prince for my youth!