WARNING: This article has very sensitive content, so please use your best judgment before allowing children to view this. The language, in the video, is very strong and intended for mature audiences.

A few days ago, down in Houston, a couple was out for a walk when they were verbally attacked by a racist man.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, Andy Tran and his fiance were out walking their dogs when an unknown man, also walking the same road, started spewing anti-Semitic and other racist comments at them.

The racist started out by calling Tran an "ugly motherf*cker" and continued to antagonize the couple as you can hear one of their dogs growling at the man.

A brief moment of levity came at the 35-second mark when the bigot began to walk toward the couple, but immediately turned the other way when one of the dogs snarled at him.

The racist idiot also threatened violence in the video, although no reported physical violence occurred during this incident.

The incident underscores the lack of reliable data on hate crime and hate incidents across the country, including here in Houston. While HPD reports some information about hate crimes to the FBI as part of its annual crime statistics report, the department doesn't report on hate-driven incidents that don't rise to the level of a crime, according to research from Dr. Anita Kalunta-Crumpton, a professor at Texas Southern University. [Jay R. Jordan/Houston Chronicle]

At the time of this article, the racist had not been contacted by Houston law enforcement.

The following video was posted on Reddit and is a very disturbing look at racism in America.


Tran told the Houston Chronicle that he hopes the racist gets help and that they pity him. Their response was much nicer than anything I'd have to say. I only wish they had let their dogs loose on that d-bag.

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