Hitchhiking is one of those things that I remember hearing about as a kid, but I have never done it myself. If you’re unfamiliar with hitchhiking, it’s traveling by getting free rides in passing vehicles. Obviously, it’s not the safest way to travel seeing as how you’re getting in a vehicle with someone you don’t know. But it used to happen quite often, or so I am told. But do you know if hitchhiking in the state of Texas is legal? 

The reason this even popped into my head is because I was leaving work last week and noticed a man on Hwy 155 in Tyler that was walking with his guitar but every time a vehicle passed by, he stuck his thumb out. That is the way to let vehicles know you’re looking for a ride. I was going in the opposite direction, so I didn’t pick him up. 

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Is It Legal to Hitchhike in Texas? 

According to Go Hitch Hiking, it is legal to bum a ride in the state of Texas. Pedestrians are allowed on almost every road including highways which is a big advantage compared to other states that won’t allow hitchhiking at all.  

It’s Legal, But Would You Pick Up a Hitchhiker in Texas? 

Now that you know it’s legal to hitchhike, would you pick up someone who was needing a ride? While I love to help everyone, I would have a hard time letting a stranger into my vehicle. After hearing stories about people being robbed or even killed by hitchhikers would make me not pick someone up. Although, maybe I just need to stop watching so many crime shows. 

What about you, would you pick up a hitchhiker in Texas? 

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