This glorious mansion is on the market for 2.5 million dollars. Now when I hear the words million dollar mansion immediately I think wow, I bet that is something! Followed by, how in the world would I clean that thing if I could afford it? Then my next thought would be, a mansion? How on earth do I decorate it?

That is exactly what many that have taken a look at this particular mansion are thinking. Currently listed on, the residence boasts 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, a theater, a dance studio, gorgeous high ceilings, not 1 but 2 laundry rooms and is 13,293 sq. ft. among other things.

This mansion in El Paso is truly breathtaking, however, the photos featured on of the inside of the home have potential buyers wondering, 'do teens currently live in this place?'

You must check out the photos below. A basketball goal in the living area? A table in the restroom? Furniture was randomly placed in each bedroom without any rhyme or reason.

The pink room which I am assuming belonged to a preteen girl has curtains thrown on the windows, 2 mattresses placed on the floor, and a dresser mirror without the dresser.

One of the bathrooms has what looks like a card-playing table in it like the occupants were playing beer pong and then decided to hop in the shower. lol

Don't get me wrong, if you put me in a house like this I most definitely will not know how to decorate it but you better believe a decorator would take over!

Scroll through the photos and see if you would be ready to purchase this home with payments of approximately 15K a month after doing a walk-through. Check out more photos on

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