Buzz Question - Help, She told me not to get her anything for Valentine's Day so....I didn't.. She woke up today and said hey, where's my Valentine's so, I told her you said don't get anything.   And, yes no she's Pissed! What the heck. Did I just FLUNK the test? Dang it?

Here is what people are saying about it!

Oh definitely failed the test. Don't worry, tomorrow is National breakup day, you can TEST the waters soon.

She's obviously a strong, independent woman. She'll buy herself something.

Men!!!! ‍♀️ no matter what we SAY jus get a gift ! we r complicated!!!

Fannie Mae INDEED!!!!

Why yes, yes you did! ❌

You didn't. You followed directions. Lol. Ladies need to stop telling their man they don't want something when they really do. If you want your man to get you something, tell him that. Stop being complicated and confusing. It's not cute and now you're mad because you're empty handed on Valentines Day.

With  women no means no  except when they say no and they mean yes but sometimes they no and it means maybe. It your fault for not being a mind reader

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