Apparently, the game has been out since 2018 but thanks to Tik has gone viral and now everyone is looking for the game.

Have you seen the Connect 4 Shots game here in the Permian Basin?

Apparently this is the must have game on store shelves.

Yes, it's like the old Connect 4 board game, but this time the game has been revamped so that you play with balls.


@davidhaddenGame Night with this game has the house going crazy! #fyp #gamenight♬ original sound - DAVID HADDEN

The original game came out in 1974. Yep, that's a while ago. The original used oval chips and of course the object of the game is to place 4 chips in a row before the other player does. Basically a longer version of tic tac toe. Well, the 2018 version is the same concept but this time you have to throw balls into the game. They have made the game very 'carnival gamish' and everyone is going crazy over it.

Honestly, this looks so fun! I have always loved the original CONNECT 4 so I know I'm going to love this version. If I can find it. And, that seems to be the next thing. Is the fact that this game is going viral on Tik Tok mean that I'm not going to be able to find it in stores? I can see this now being one of those games that everyone is going to want for the new Christmas season. So, if you do find it in stores, it might be a good idea to buy one because something tells me it's going to be a hot item very soon even though it's been out since 2018.

Have you seen it here locally in the Permian Basin? Do you own it?

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