Today is the birthday of the undisputed Queen of the Dancehall. Lady Saw, born Marion Hall, turns 43 years old today (July 12).

Lady Saw is famous for her raunchy lyrics (she has a song called "Life Without D---") and her charismatic on-stage presence led to her becoming one of dancehall's most recognizable figures. She was explicit enough to be banned in some places in Jamaica, but that only seemed to heightened her profile.

Lady Saw has also collaborated with dancehall greats like Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. She's also made an effort to release conscious songs like "Condom," which touches on the dangers of unprotected sex.

Lady Saw is also one of the few dancehall artists who successfully achieved mainstream success stateside. She connected with Vitamin C (creator of the 1999 hit Graduation") for "Smile" and later linked up with No Doubt for their 2001 ska-pop tune "Underneath It All."

Lady Saw, who is the first female dancehall artist to win a Grammy, is still making fun dancehall tunes. At age 43, some have suggested that Lady Saw is too old to be making songs for the clubs. Nonsense, says the queen of dancehall.

"People are saying, at my age I should give it up," states Lady Saw. "I have done this all my life and I am still able to perform so why should I step aside. That is like saying to Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths that they should no longer makes no sense."

"I want my spot and will continue to work to keep it," she continues. "I have spent years working before and after great artistes so I don't have a problem working any point in a show."

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