You all know her as Exa Kaye the Rapping Grandma. Here's the amazing lady behind the hilarious segment. I manage a radio station for the blind here in Midland called The Recording Library of West Texas. Exa Kaye is a volunteer there 3 times a week. I got the idea for her to rap on B93 from a magazine article she had to read about Bun B. She had to recite off a few Bun B lyrics and I almost fell out of my chair laughing, so I asked her if she would do more. Honestly, I didn't expect such a normally proper, respectable, and very educated person like her to agree but to my surprise she was completely ok with it. She's been making magic on our station ever since.

I got her this coffee mug for B-Day because it just seemed so perfect. It isn't actually until tomorrow but I figured I'd get a jump on things. Please join me in wishing this amazing woman a very Happy 76th Birthday. We love you Kaye!