Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - The GUY I'm dating has MAIL coming to my HOUSE! Whoa! There have been several times I get mail for him recently and I'm like what's happening here? I'm going to ASK HIM, but I wanted a heads up on WHY he would be having MAIL for him coming to my house?

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Caröl Smith
Dump him. Mark all his mail “deceased” and send it all back.

Rebecca Hernández
Send it back put person doesn't live here and set the line straight.

Mercedes Amisola-Fuller
That’s not good! Why he use your address without asking? Maybe he got no address or permanent address lol Dude is weird & definitely hiding something! Beware he plan to move in

Enceladus Soulis
Better be sending some gifts

Christopher Brown
Gurl, you need to face facts. You dating a hobo.

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
This guy is definitely a narcissist. Early signs of megalomania at that. Soon it will be both your names on the mail, then he leaves his toothbrush there, then you have kids, then your friends say "do you ma, be single" then you cheat and never let him see your kids cause he is a great father but a narcissist.

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