Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - NOPE I Can't! 3 dates in and I'm out. And here's the reason. THIS GUY DRIVES AROUND WITH NO RADIO OR MUSIC ON! At first I thought it was just him wanting us to talk in the car during the drive, but on the 2nd date I tried to turn on the radio and he turned it off. Finally asked him and he said he doesn't listen to music while driving. Yeah, sorry . Great guy but I can't. Am I being to harsh?

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OMG that has got to be one of the most dumbest excuses I have ever heard to break up with a guy!!
As my colleagues would say "Estas Pendeja, o te ases??"… See more

Have you ever thought maybe he likes to be more aware of traffic around him without distractions.Give him a break instead of sitting there tongue tied how about starting a conversation with him ..

She must have read "Death of a salesman" and remembered how Willy Loman didn't have a radio as well!
Just kidding. She probably has zero clue who Willy Loman is. Smh.

If he doesn’t listen to music in the car he is definitely a serial killer, run girl! Run! Lol!!! I’m sorry but I would break up with him to.

Girl: Breaks up with guy cuz he drives with no music.
Same girl: idk why I can’t find a great guy. … See more

I feel attacked

I don't always listen to music in my car as a mom of 4 it's my quiet time where I can hear myself think and reflect it's peaceful but when the kids are in the car the music is on lo


That would be a deal breaker for me too. I love music. Whether I'm driving by myself or with someone else in the car, I need the music. That's my time to shine


Can you imagine a 5 or 8 hour road trip with him!


Who TF doesn't listen to music in the car?? Fkn serial killers!!

I'm with this girl. I would not either. Music is everything. Lucky i got the LOML. & he like to blast his music too

Mo z
Lol that’s stupid why drive with no music

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