The other day, our morning show received a message from a grandma who was looking for some people who saved her grandson's life this past weekend.
According to Tiffany Ward, her family was there at the MCM Fundome for a gender reveal and baby shower. Her grandson who is 11 was playing with some kids at the pool when he got to far in the deep. She said he doesn't know how to swim, and ended up drowning. She says there were 3 people a woman and two men who pulled him out of the water and started CPR and revived him and brought him back.

She says her family would like to THANK them in person and let them know how thankful they are to them. She says 'God had them there for a reason and would really like to thank them'.
She says her grandson is doing better and was taken to Lubbock after the accident. Her grandson's name is KHAIS.

You can hear the entire call below.

She refers to these people as 'angels'. She has gone to several media outlets here in the 432 to get the word out.

She said that if you have any info on these 'heroes' you can reach out to any of the media outlets including B93 and we will get you in contact with her.

It's so true that 'GOD' had these angels there at the pool this past weekend. It's so awesome to see people helping people here in the 432 and what it means to these families. It's also a big reminder that knowing and learning CPR is an important thing. As this incident proves, you never know when it will save a life.

Here are some links to CPR classes here in the 432.

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