Ladies, you know how crucial a good hairstylist is! They can pull off miracles if you get split ends or covering up a few grays.

With National Hairstylist Day happening on April 30, we want to give you a chance to give your favorite hairstylist a shout-out on B93. Make sure to listen and that you tell them to listen for their shout outs! Thank you to all the hairstylists in the 432 for their work in making all of us look good! :D Check out the SHOUT OUTS Below.

Valerie Abila nominates Catalina Pelayo “She takes her time to concentrate on you and listens to exactly how you want your hair cut or colored. She is awesome and I’ll continue going to her and recommend her to everyone.

Angela Patton nominates Michelle Barrows “She is great, does a great job and will work with your schedule. She is a friend who listens.”

Melinda Rosas nominates Lilly Fabela-Gonzales “Lilly and the girls at The Glam Station are the best. Thanks of making the world a more beautiful place.”

Pita Lujan nominates Jennifer Villarreal “Always, always working. Best female barber.”

Elisa Rojero nominates Jessica Carreon “The best hairstylist in Odessa, Texas. Thank you for keeping us looking great.”

Ryan Jackie nominates Cavera “Shout out to the best stylist in the 432! Keep it up mamas!”

Michonne Sutton nominates Dinkana “Daka” Deldon “I just want to say thank you so much for all you do for me. You’ve kept my hair looking fly and on point for the past 10 1/2 years. Here’s looking forward to many more. Happy National Hairstylist Day! Love ya Sis!”

Harley Del Myrick nominates Shelby Coulter, “Shelby is the owner of the Rage Salon Boutique and is an awesome hairdresser. She does everything in her power to please each and every customer.”

Brooke Rose nominates Mikaylah “Best hairstylist ever. She does what’s best for my hair and doesn’t let me make stupid decisions that would ruin my hair.”

Marissa Alvarado nominates Abby Alvarado “She is the best in West Texas. She comes up with a million different color ideas and makes your own personal ideas come to life. If you haven’t visited her, y’all are missing out. Let me tell you the pricing is perfect for me. I love her and I love Hair By Abby!”

Winter Thurman nominates her mom Daka Seldon “I love you mom. Thanks for always slaying my hair! :D)

Esmeralda Sanchez nominates Abram Vela “Abram at JC Penny keeps me looking gorgeous! He’s taken me from beautiful blonde, ravishing redhead, bombshell brunette, all the way down to sleek and shaven head. He’s great conversation, always listens to what I want, let’s me know what I can’t have and always keeps my tresses trimmed to perfection. There is nothing he can’t or won’t do for me. He’s also total eye candy! HAHA”

Jasmine Givens nominates her mom Joann Kimbrough “She is the best mom and great at her job. She is the bomb dot com when it comes to making her customers feel good. Go get a fresh haircut. She’s located in the mall at Coiffures Barbershop. She does women’s and men’s hair. You won’t be disappointed.”

Brenda Tharp nominates Jackie Carvera (Alvarado) “Always a fun experience and catch up on our chisme when I sit in her chair! Never have complaints about my fresh look.”

Shelly Castillo nominates Viviana Longoria “Excellent service, sweet person and does an outstanding job. Color comes out perfectly and styled in such a gorgeous way. She always does what’s best for your hair! Never fries it or harms it in any way. She’s not just a friend, but a great stylist!”

Jazmine Nutt nominates Lucy, Megan and Emy “They are the entire Smartstyle staff on the southside and they are amazing! Not only do they each style my hair to perfection, they should have their own reality show because these girls are a riot! Lucy always delivers perfect color and highlights. Megan always has my blowouts looking fresh and voluminous and Emy keeps my layers and bangs trimmed to perfection! They never disappoint! Love them!

Heather Villa nominates Maria Pastert “For love and dedication in what you do for all your passion. It shows in your work. Happy Hairstylist Day!”

Michelle Galindo nominates Britney Rodriguez “She always does an excellent job at cutting and coloring my hair. She is the only stylist in the 432 that I let touch my hair.”

D’morriyon Breaux nominates KC “KC is the best barber this side of West Texas. Hands down!”

Heather Villa nominates Maria Pastert “For love and dedication in what you do. All your passion shows in your work. Happy Hairstylist Day!”

Cami nominates Catalina Paleyo “She did exactly what I wanted. If there’s any color you want, she can get you there or near at least. She’s fun and talkative and makes you feel right at home! Go see her at Armani Kain Salon by AT&T in the mall parking lot.”

Marcy M nominates Mary Puga at Glitz “You have been taking care of my hair for years! Thanks love!”

Melinda Catalina nomes Paleyo “She’s the best. Got my hair just the color I wanted! It’s hard to find a good blonde without being orange and her color skills are amazing!”

Bell Sanchez nominates Mary Puga, “She is the best! She’s always honest about any colors I want to try and makes it fit my hair so it looks right. She’s like a sister to me.”

Ariana Daisy nominates Evans “I hope you have a great national hairstylist day!”

Ashley Organ nominates Courtney Galindo “She works at Lavish Salon and is amazing! She is so sweet to talk to. She rocks. She always comes through with the perfect color and is absolutely amazing all around! #GETYOUACOURTNEY

Johnna Trejo nominates Jena Tumlin “Jena is the HAIR WHISPERER! Pure genius work and highly entertaining at the same time! Don’t know what I would do without her in my life.”

Gladis Aguirre nominates Gabriela Hernandez “I tried all the hairstylists I was referred to in Odessa. No one was able to do my hair like Gabby. I have been doing my hair with her for four years and she’s the best! I love her work!”

Leslie Galindo nominates Catalina Pelayo “Only person I trust with my hair. Love her. She is awesome.”

Belinda Ureste nominates Maleny Roman “She was my second hairstylist but when she ended up doing some highlights in my hair, I was so impressed that she became my favorite and number one hairstylist. She not only does what you want, but she helps out with making it look good on you. She gives an honest opinion.”

Diana Adalia nominates Dominguez “Happy Hairstylist Day to my little sister. Have a great day.”

Crystal Urias nominates Aralyn Thomasson “Thank you for always knowing what looks best on me and being honest about what doesn’t. You are amazing!”

Sara Cantu nominates Delfina Rubio “The best in Odessa and treats your hair with the best products out at Capelis Salon. I love you Delfina. You’re an amazing stylist and an even more amazing person.”

Teena Castillo nominates Irma Arredondo “She totally rocks! She has been devoted to hair for some years now. Building her skills up to be the best color master out there. She always makes me feel beautiful when my hair is blonde, black, red or blue!”

Valarie Rodriguez nominates Aralyn T “My wonderful hairstylist and therapist! You keep me beautiful and sane!”

Beatriz Sigala nominates Jonathan Ramirez “Thanks for making my hair luscious and beautiful! You da best boo boo!

Lizette Rivera nominates Catalina Pelayo “She is an awesome stylist. She always makes you feel comfortable and you leave feeling beautiful. She does it all and is always eager to learn new trends. You will never regret a visit to her salon. Everyone should be so lucky to have a stylist like her.”

Claudia Torres nominates Oyuki Atayde “Shout out to Oyuki because she nursed my hair back to life. She never quite learning about hair color and she’s beautiful inside and out! Sweetest person ever!”

Casey and Joe Ramos nominate Yvonne Ortiz “You have not only been our stylist and barber but a best friend. We’ve seen you overcome so many things. Never question yourself or your ambitions. Keep shooting for the stars girl!”

Elaine Wofford nominates BJ Boyd Freeman “I’ve known BJ for many years. She is absolutely the best. I’ve never been unhappy with a cut, style or color that she has done for me. I met her at Proteus many years ago and now she has the american dream, her own shop, Euphoria in Midland. She is absolutely my favorite stylist and she is a wonderful person. Love ya BJ”

Savanna Silvas nominates Aralyn Thomasson “Aralyn has been my stylist for about five years now and I wouldn’t change her for the world! Best stylist in the 432!”

Cynthia Mehlhaff nominates Mary Puga at Glitz “Mary is awesome, always exceeding expectations. She is more than a hairstylist. She’s become a friend!”

Ashlie Menchaca nominates Lety Guevara “Thanks for being so amazing whether my hair is purple, I’m sporting 24 inch extensions or a blonde asymmetrical bob. You far exceed any of my expectations, not to mention you are a great counselor as well. *kissy face*”

Mark Karate nominates Shayla Corrales “Chop Shop in Midland. She is a very busy barber but does the best and makes time to squeeze me in.”

Raymond Aguilera nominates Jessica Escarcega “Thank you for making me look fresh each week. You’re the best.”

Amy Evans nominates Chelsea Rodriguez “Thanks for always doing a great job. You and your crew make me laugh every time I am there. You Rock!”

Matilda Loya nominates Abigail Hernandez “She is the best hairdresser I have ever had. Hair is her passion and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Brenda Lopez nominates Britney Morrales “Britney at Barry Morris Salon in Midland is the best ever. She is beautiful, hard working, does amazing styles and always makes haircuts enjoyable. Thank you Britney for taking care of my family. That is why we travel from Austin to see you . Love you!”

Jesarae Carreon nominates Jessica Carreon “My mom is the best hairstylist ever. If you want your hair done look up J. Marie Hair and Nail studio located at 1541 JBS Parkway Unit 14. Give her a call and make an appointment.”

Cookie Rojero nominates Jessica Carreon “You are the best at what you do. Thank you for always giving me 100 percent. You are one in a million.”

Liz Calderon nominates Jessica Carreon “Shout out to the most fabulous hairstylist ever! Jessica from J. Marie is the absolute best. Wouldn’t go with anyone else but her. Thanks for all your amazing work.”

Hector Calderon nominates Laura Patricia Acosta “Hands down the best hairstylist in the 432! Catch her at Lavish inside the Music City Mall!”

Delfina Ponce nominates Brandee Alvarado “Brandee works long hard hours and regardless of her day, she is always in a great mood. She’s great at what she does and takes good care of our entire family. Thanks you Brandee!”

Mitzie Diaz nominates Jessica Carreon “She’s the best of the best! Would never change her. She knows what she’s doing!”

Myra Lopez nominates Becky Balerio “Been my hairstylist for about 13 years. She is great. Always does what I want!”

Nicole Dalton nominates Shandy Acosta “She’s the bomb dot com. Always gets my colors right and know what’s best for my hair.”

Christina Lozoya nominates Letty Guevara “She’s just awesome”

Lucy Hernandez nominates Letty Guevara “Awesome service each time”

Helen Mendez nominates Amber Stuart “I want to thank her for doing my hair the way I want it every time. She’s the best.”

Norma Whaley nominates Lily Gonzales “Lily is awesome. Always makes me look and feel my best after going to her. I could never recreate my hairdo the way she does. I always get compliments about my hair after going to the Glam Station. Her salon is inviting, relaxing and gorgeous. Thanks for hiding all my grey and making me look like I’m still in my 20s.”

Annmarie Martinez nominates Tiffany Romero “She can work miracles. She has got to be the best hairstylist in Midland. She will have you leaving her chair looking good and feeling fabulous. Go see her at YaYa’s salon for your hair and makeup needs.”

Allyson Fuentez nominates Lilly Fabela “She is an awesome hairstylist and takes pride in her work. She will never let you leave her shop unhappy. I love getting glammed up at her shop.”

Veronica Careaga nominates Elsa Jurado “Love her magical touch”

Tebora Winters nominates Alisa Hancoci “You have been cutting my hair for at least 15 years. Love you so much and will never let anyone but you touch my hair. You are amazing.”

Jessica Brooke nominates Wende Thummel “Best hairstylist ever!”

Patricia Gomez nominates Aralyn Thomasson “Ever since the day I went to her, I never go to anyone else. I have lost her when she goes to another salon but look for her no matter what. She always does what I want and she was also there to do my hair for my wedding. She’s the bomb. Love ya girl!”

Heather Ann Martinez nominates Jessica Alvarado “She currently works at Wendall’s Hair Design, but I want to give a big shout out to her because she’s my first. I had virgin hair and she knows the best color to make me look like my little pony. It’s always purple and blue and pink, it’s perfect and I love it! Love you boo!”

Cindy Castellón nominates Elva Iglesias “Thank you for always making me feel and look fabulous. You are the best! She’s an amazing hairstylist at Samirika Salon. Keep up the good work. Happy hairstylist day!”

Mike Reyes nominates Lucy Reyes “I’m married to the most amazing, beautiful woman in the whole entire universe and she is a hairstylist. That is her title, but she is so much more than that. She changes lives. I’m not saying this because I’m married to her, but she has an amazing heart, super smart, kind friendly, always thinking about others before herself. When she first got into this industry, she cut my hair two times. The first time was practice and it came out ok. The second time, she messed it up BAAADDDD! I went a whole two years before I let her cut mine again and it was due to last minute haircut. I gave her another chance and well, for the past six years, she is the only person I let cut my hair. She has so much talent here in Midland that I plan to open up her a shop in the near future. I love you beautiful. Keep up the good work.”

Kathi Sosa nominates Jessica Carreon “She rocks! Best hairstylist!”

Rachel Salinas nominates Amanda Whaley “She isn’t just an amazing hairstylist, but she is an amazing friend and person. She is honest and treats her clients like family. She never disappoints me. She’s one cool chick and I love her.”

Emerald Romero nominates KC the Barber “Has my edges on fleek and every time I go to her, I come out looking good. Best barber in Midland!”

Crystal Rodriguez nominates Britney Rodriguez “Her work is always amazing. She takes pride in what she does and makes you feel so beautiful every time she does your hair. You’re an amazing cosmetologist! Love you!”

Kristen Looney nominates Jessica Alvarado “She always does an awesome job with my hair and always gets it just right. I will never change hairdressers for a fact!”

Valerie Martinez nominates Abigail with Abby Dolls “Most amazing stylist. She does wonders on color and super friendly while doing what she loves the most and that’s making her Abby Dolls look fierce.”

Catherine Mendoza nominates Abigail Hernandez “Thank you Abby with Abby Dolls Salon for being my therapist and making my hair look amazing. I will always walk out with what I want and around here, that is something rare to find. Your heart is definitely pure in all you do for your clients. You are truly a one-of-a-kind stylist I could not live without. So glad you came into my life. Congrats on your new salon and God bless on all your future endeavors! Love you!”

Tabby Wesphal nominates Maria Gamboa “Maria at YaYa’s Salon in Midland is the best hairstylist out there. I came in seven years ago with long hair and she showed a picture of a short haircut I wanted to try and she nailed it. Ever since then, I get compliments on my hair. She’s awesome. #MyHairStylistIsBetterThanYours”

Crystal Rodriguez nominates Yvette Garcia “Yvette has hands of magic. She’ll always make sure you leave her looking fly. She puts work into her cuts. She’s awesome and probably one of the best in the 432!”

Vern Hurtado nominales Letty Guevara at Salon Algeria “You’re an awesome hairstylist. Keep up the hard work my friend!”

Veronica Cedillo nominates Judy Lara at Stella’s “Thank you for not only making my hair look fabulous but thank you for being a great person. Finding someone who loves what they do and that I can completely trust is a blessing. Thanks Judy!”

Adriana nominates Christabelle Galindo “I think the most important thing a woman can have besides family is her hairdresser. You’re the best!”

Gloria Morales nominates Abigail Hernandez “She is an awesome person and hairstylist. She will have you laughing the whole time you’re there. She also takes her time because she says things like, ‘If your hair looks bad, that makes me loog bad’ so therefore, I recommend her 100 percent.”

Ashley Durham nominates Verenisse Sanchez “OMG, she is amazing. I’ve been going to her for years and have yet to be disappointed. She always has awesome new hairstyles for me. I have a lot of family and friends that go to her as well. She is the best.”

Erica Garcia nominates Gabriela “Can’t wait until you get licensed to do what you do best.”

Maria Aguirre nominates Judy Lara “Happy National Hairstylist Day to Judy at Stella’s. Have an awesome day and thank you for your patience and due diligence with hair!”

Karisma Martinez nominates Irma Arredondo “She is such an amazing hairstylist. She saved my hair and I did not have to get my hair cut off short. It now looks amazing after all the work she put in it. I’m happy to say I finally found a hairstylist I can trust and is very patient and takes her time.”

Krystal Barrera nominates Toni Johnson “Thanks for always being so amazing and always making me feel good and my hair look awesome. Love ya girl!”

Laura Villegas nominates Catalina Pelayo “Cat is a miracle worker. I can go in there with my hair a total mess and come out with a great new hairstyle and color. She’s the absolute best! I highly recommend her.”

Emily Huggins nominates Jackie Benavides “She always does an amazing job. She is a great friend and love just visiting with her. She’s so much more than a hairstylist!

Are Cantu nominates Abigail “Abby” Hernandez “Abby is the founder and owner of Abby’s Dolls in Odessa. Her work is amazing and she’s got to be the most down to earth person you can meet. My hair is now healthier than it’s ever been and she always has me and all her clients slayin the 432! Huge shout out to this DIVA on National Hairstylist Day.”

Amber Thomas nominates Irma Arredondo “Hit up Irma at Bliss Salon and Spa. She will have you feeling beautiful and boy she uses some bomb products to keep your hair healthy and stunnit on all these 432 women!