All right, all right, come on... bring it on in. Today is National Hugging Day. I don't know about you, but I think we all need a hug and, today is that day.  Social distancing has ruined the hug lately unfortunately! So, I thought it'd be a great time to actually go over the different kinds of hugs that we have. Believe it or not, there are more than just one type of hug.
There's the bear hug, This is a very aggressive hug. Obviously bears are huge and are aggressive, so this hug means you really go forward and you squeeze hard.
Then there is a side hug  This is probably the most PC type of hug out there. If you're going to hug the opposite sex and they're not your spouse the side hug is probably the way to go.

There's the AIR HUG, Is this even a hug? There is no touching even going on. I believe a hug needs some touching. This reminds me of doing 'air quotations'. Basically, you pretend to hug somebody.
There's the friend hug now, I'm not sure what the friend hug is all about but I kind of feel it's not really aggressive and it's barely a hug at all.
Then there's hugging from behind. This is when someone comes up on you and you puts both arms around you from behind . Worst kind of hug a little spooky so be careful with the hugging from behind hug.
Then there's hugging around the waist. This hug cuddle reminds me of slow dancing at Jr. High.
The heart hug is really a beautiful hug. This is where your heart is on their heart and it's sort of more of a warm embrace. I kind of love the heart to heart hug.
Then there's the one-sided hug which is almost like the side hug. The one-sided hug really isn't a hug at all it's almost like you kind of don't deserve a hug.

Find someone you kind of like and give them a hug today because it's National Hugging Day. Come here and give me a hug.

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