Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I know we can all practically smell the amazing food that will be spread before us this week. I am thankful for the idea of filling my tummy full of some fabulous turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings followed by football watching, maybe a nap, and then loading up for seconds again by dinnertime.

But once the day is over and it is time to head home after filling yourself full 2, maybe 3 times, it is time to pack up the food. You will ultimately hear, 'take some food home there is so much leftover,' from the gracious host and you happily oblige. I know I do!


How does one take Thanksgiving leftovers to go anyway? You want a little of this, a little of that, don't forget the dessert and a couple of rolls. Your tia only has so much Tupperware and not all of them have lids! There has to be an easy way to do this right?

Well, enter the 74-year-old 'granfluencer' as she is affectionately called. A grandmother on TikTok has the perfect solution for taking home Thanksgiving leftovers. I love her! I follow her, she has such helpful tips. Barbara 'Babs' Costello has a following of over 2.8 million and has come up with THE solution for taking leftovers home this Thursday. Game over. Mic drop. Check out her TikTok video with the solution:


@brunchwithbabs The only way to do leftovers on Thanksgiving #friendsgiving#thanksgiving♬ original sound - everyone’s grandmother

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