This is KeeKee. Pronounced as if you were going to say "Kitty Kitty" but refused to enunciate it correctly. Kee Kee is 23% feline, 107% Satan himself. Her hobbies are pooping as I'm changing the litter box, undoing my shoe laces (I'm fairly sure she'd tie them together if she had thumbs) yelling at me when her food bowl falls below 30% full, and as seen in this picture, sleeping on my butt.

I'm not sure why we keep small animals who quite possibly do nothing all day but poop and plot our death, but cats are hilarious. Some people don't get it. They say "Well my dog loves me" and that's great but they're crazy needy. Truth be told, I'd say that 80% of people who own dogs, shouldn't. Dogs require several hours a day of attention to be truly happy. Most people just don't have the kind of time a dog really needs and deserves. My girlfriend used to hate cats but we got KeeKee here and she suddenly understood the reason people like cats so much. They're very low maintenance and yes they are pure evil but there's something hilarious about having something that harmless with such a strong predatory urge. It their minds they are the bringers of doom to all who cross their paths. . . who also demand you cuddle them from time to time.