The struggle is real for people like me who cannot handle new traffic lights like the one pictured! (insert crying emoji here) You've probably seen these popping up all over the 4-3-2 like I have and I'm telling you right now things like this confuse me. Like I told Leo, if you are ever behind me at a traffic light that has a flashing yield sign you can forget me going....EVER! lol

I'll happily sit and wait for the green arrow, like I've got all day. lol What does this mean? Do I go? Do I collect $200? I legit get anxiety if I'm at a light that has a flashing yield and just pray the green arrow is on or drive straight on through and turn at the next available street. Surely I'm not the only fool who doesn't fully understand this 'new thing?' Ok maybe I am, but at least I'm not ashamed to admit it! lol