Father's Day is in 18 days.  I recently asked a couple of dads, would you rather cook/throw something on the grill for yourself OR would you rather be cooked for? I mean not a bad one to ask right? Think about it, some dad's do all of the cooking in the house, but may want a break on their special day and other dad's might say no, I deserve a break from feeding the fam or better yet, take me to a nice restaurant for a nice steak dinner. 

One of the dad's I asked said absolutely, he will cook for himself because he enjoys it! And I know plenty of other dads who would feel this way. I suggested that if that is the case, I will totally make his favorite dessert and take care of all the sides. That is what I am good at and that would be my Father's Day contribution because I am certainly not a cool.

New York Steak

But I think we can all agree Dad deserves to be pampered just as much as mom did on her special day.  Which would you rather, cook or be cooked for this Father's Day Sunday?

Texans Serving Up Amazing BBQ

Gallery Credit: Chaz

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