Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Getting married this fall. But, major issue is happening. His family and my family do not get along. We are a little concerned about the reception and was wondering if we should 'SPLIT THE RECEPTION ROOM'. This side for my family, that side for his. I suggested this to my husband and he thinks thats  a little extra and feels it's unnecssary and tacky to seperate the room into sections. Look, I get it but I need some suggestions....

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Claudia Garcia
Don’t stress about it, if you split the reception it’s going to be more obvious...worry about the wedding party and parents seating and let everyone else sit where they please

Sonya Santos
If they can’t get along and be adults for one day, YOUR DAY…honey, they ain’t family!

Josh Roman
Film it, I wanna see what happens lol

Mercedes Amisola-Fuller
You can’t please everybody! If they can’t get along as an adult then u both go get married on your own & live your life… lol

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
You are getting married for your own happiness, not your family's happiness. Just elope in Vegas. Honeymoon in Tahiti, Bora Bora or Cartagena Colombia with all the money you save!
I promise, no matter what you do to accommodate people, zero will give a damn.

Ray Ray
Look, its your BIG day, if the families can not get along than it's on them. You do you! And, if you want a reception...have one!

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