Stop the presses! Extra extra read all about it! Yellowstone fans rejoice because you won't believe the good news I am about to spread. So typically everyone's favorite show that just kicked off the 5th season this past Sunday night is set in Darby Montana. The show is filmed at the Chief Joseph Ranch called The Dutton Ranch on the television series. However, currently, Yellowstone has made its way to Texas! 

That's right. Were you aware that there is currently a film crew that has descended upon a small North Texas town called Venus, TX? The crew's task is to transform what is considered a tiny town, population just under 5,000 into a city in Montana and that is exactly what they have begun to do starting today!

According to Venus Fire Department Chief Richard Allen,

They've repainted some stuff on the square, changed the names of some of the buildings to match what you'd see in Montana in their episode.

And for Venus residents, the Mexican food restaurant Casa Jacaranda may be looking a little different at least for now. Because that too has been transformed while Yellowstone is being filmed. The signage has been changed and for now, it is the Zion Cafe.


According to Chief Allen,

Yellowstone asked people who live in Venus and the surrounding areas to be extras in the shoot, and hundreds are expected to take part.

He also goes on to say that

We've had other movies filmed here, but this one is pretty much the biggest we've had so far.

Venus, TX is 35 miles southwest of Dallas. If I'm not at work tomorrow, heads up, I'll be in Venus trying to catch a glimpse of RIP or John Dutton or having a martini with Beth!

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