Eminem is celebrating a significant milestone in his life.

On Monday (April 20), Em shared on Twitter that he has achieved 12 years of sobriety. In the social media post, the 47-year-old MC uploaded an image of a blue sobriety chip with the number 12 in the middle. The Detroit rapper captioned the photo, "Clean dozen, in the books!," before ending the quote with his song lyric, "I'm not afraid."

Last year, the "Lose Yourself" rapper posted a similar message to his Instagram account marking 11 years of sobriety. He captioned the photo, "11 years - still not afraid."

Eminem started his journey to fight his addiction against prescription pills like Vicodin, Valium and Ambien in 2008. Two years later, he dropped his seventh studio album, Recovery. The introspective album marked the beginning of the next phase in his life.

In 2009, Em spoke to XXL about his struggle with drug abuse. "I wasn't ready mentally. I wasn't ready to give up the drugs," Em said. "I didn't really think I had a problem. Basically, I went in, and I came out. I relapsed, and I spent the next three years struggling with it. Also, at that time, I felt like I wanted to pull back, because my drug problem had got so bad. I felt like, Maybe if I take a break, maybe this will help. I started to get into the producer role more... I can still be out there with my music, like with the Re-Up album, but I don't have to be in the spotlight the whole time."

Since releasing Recovery in 2010, Em returned with Revival in 2017. Shortly after, Eminem dropped Kamikaze in 2018. His latest album, Music to Be Murdered By, took fans by surprise with an unannounced release in January of this year.

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