Despite Drake's success with his newest single, "Toosie Slide," Charlamagne Tha God is not impressed.

On April 9, during a recent episode of The Brilliant Idiots podcast, hosted by Tha God and Andrew Schulz, the two men expressed their honest opinions of the record-breaking track.

"I think it's wack and I think it's beneath Drake," Charlamagne started. "I think that when you're the biggest artist in the world, when you're the biggest rapper in the world, I don't like to see you chasing trends. It's like, why be a surfer when you're a fucking wave? I just didn't respect it."

The 41-year-old radio personality went on to address how the song's push to be the latest TikTok challenge felt like a ploy to keep the chart-topping rapper at the helm of hip-hop.

"A lot of times with those TikTok dances, it's just organic. It's a song people like and somebody does something to it, and it goes. It was like it felt too forced. Too corporate. Too industry. I just feel like Drake has built himself up into such a way that he don't have to do that shit, man," Charlamagne said.

Since Drake's track was delivered on April 3, the record has quickly soared to the top of the charts, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Toosie Slide" also gained a lot of momentum after becoming a TikTok challenge, just before the full song was released.

Check out Charlamagne Tha God's comments on Drake around the one hour and 43-minute-mark.

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