Metal band Dropout Kings are blasting Lil Xan after the rapper canceled his tour, which the group was performing on.

On Monday (May 30), the group's Twitter account sent out a message to fans in the wake of Xan announcing he was canceling the Born Dead Tour before it even started.

"@lilxanfuhyobih dropped off our tour after everyone already left cross country. Didn’t show up for his set at [So What! Music Festival]," the message reads.

The group announced they will be trying to move on without Xan and closed with a parting shot.

"We’re rebooking this entire tour stay tuned. Please bear with us. Also fuck Lil Xan," the tweet concludes.

The group also went on Instagram and voiced their issue with Lil Xan as they attempted to salvage the tour.

"We are trying to save any show we can and perform for you all!" they captioned a group photo on IG. "Straight up fuck Lil Xan 100% I don’t even care. Dude is a total piece of shit for doing this to all the artists and staff involved in this. Decided to do this to everyone after everyone already left for tour, then doesn’t even show up to his set for so what fest. We’re still reaching out to every promoter on the remaining shows. Fuck it we’ll make it a headliner. The show must go on. Please bear with us during this. We’ll make it worth it."

In since-deleted Instagram posts, Xan put the blame for the botched tour on the group.

"I dropped off the tour because your management and booking agent was taking advantage of me," he wrote on his IG Story. "Your team dropped the ball. Your team did not have any accommodations or travel or anything a tour should. U just wanted to promote ur homies under my name and we tried to work it out but your team is obviously new at this. If you guys were smart you wouldn’t burn bridges like that and act like you guys had the tour even planned right but have fun on your fuck lil xan tour."

"S/0 @dropoutkingsaz have a great ‘fuck lil xan tour.’ I know you guys are new to this and I’m pretty sure you should talk with your booking agent Ashley on how bad she fucked the tour up for me and my team! But have fun on the tour fellaz," he continued in the caption of DK's post. "My next tour is for my fans only not yours. wanna give them better openers and more Xanarchy. On top of that I just got out of rehab 2/3 months ago and wanna stay focused on my sobriety and a tour might damage that! But no, y’all team didn’t care as long as they made their money.”

The Dropout Kings have since regrouped and booked a new tour with top billing. They were able to salvage 11 of the 19 original dates.

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