Kanye West and Drake's recent reunion to support imprisoned O.G. Larry Hoover reportedly has the Feds shocked and upset.

Ye and Drizzy headlined a huge Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert on Thursday (Dec. 9) at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The sold-out show came together as a means to help raise awareness for Hoover, who is currently serving six life sentences after being convicted of murder and running a criminal organization in 1997. According to a TMZ report published on Saturday (Dec. 11), the Feds are "surprised" and upset by the decision of the two rap megastars to support a convicted criminal who they say is "the worst of the worst."

Hoover is credited as the cofounder of the Gangster Disciples street gang in Chicago in the early 1970s. He was convicted of murder in 1973, despite not being named as the person who pulled the trigger. While serving a life sentence, he was accused of continuing to operate the gang from inside prison. He was found guilty of drug conspiracy, extortion and continuing to engage in a criminal enterprise in 1997, and sentenced to additional multiple life sentences. He is currently serving six life sentences in a supermax prison. Hoover has turned over a new leaf and works to promote peace among the gangs in Chicago. Over the summer, a federal judge denied Hoover a sentencing break.

Kanye has been on the free Larry Hoover train for a few years. Back in 2018, when MAGA-hat wearing Kanye visited the White House, he asked then-president Donald Trump to pardon Hoover to no avail. Like-minded Rap-a-Lot CEO J Prince was able to connect some dots with Kanye and the Hoover family earlier this year. They invited Drake along to help with the mission, with Drizzy obliging in October. With Drake and Ye working together on a common cause, they ended their lengthy beef, culminating with the epic concert on Thursday.

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