There’s no better companion than a man’s best friend especially here in Texas. If your fur babies find their selves in some type of pain or sickness it’s truly like one of our children and it hurts.


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There are cases of canine cases of flu that are invading all over Texas and if you’re a fair parent like I am you should definitely be worried. According to Austin KXAN, there is a rise in Texas an expert is saying that the flu not only looks out for their human family members but the furry ones for sure. There has been an outbreak of canine influenza in various parts of Texas as Dr. Lori Teller, clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M college of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences. I was very shocked to even find out that there is canine influenza. Canine influenza is supposedly quite similar to human flu where your animal will develop a fever, runny nose, and even a cough.



Your fur babies' appetite could also diminish while being sick and humans can’t get influenza. Dr. Taylor says if your dog gets influenza it is possible that you were animal maybe need to be hospitalized and receive plenty of fluids and if the case is more extreme the disease can be fatal so please be careful when looking over your animal. Keep in mind that it is the flu so it’s just as miserable as if you receive the flu they are vaccines for dogs that they don’t even have to get shots with but let’s try our best to make sure that we keep our fur babies very safe.


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