So tonight is the MTV VMA's. The night MTV celebrates the best in music video. WAIT! They don't play music videos anymore, so how in the heck can they give awards out to stuff they don't even play? When I was growing up the M in MTV stood for music because that's all you would get.  I would leave for school and there was an actual music video on the tube. I would get back from school and there was yet another video on. Heck even when they did MTV TRL back in the day they would play music videos. It seems now that the only time you get a music video is at 3am in the morning.  I think the M in MTV stands for MAYEHM because that's all you get with shows like Jersey Shore. So tonight they have a huge awards show which I will say is the best awards show on TV during the year. But, it's ironic that most of those videos you never see on MTV.