Ok don't judge for me being way behind the times. I never really follow the latest social media trend because half the time I can't figure it out. However, I recently joined the world of Snapchat. I had a good friend urging me to do so, so we could 'chat' and I remember saying to her, 'don't we do that already by phone and through text? lol  

I finally set one up for myself and I have to say my conclusion is.....it's boring. Nothing spectacular really. Other than the filters with the flower wreath on your head or face swap and such, I'm already 'over it.' I watch friends videos or pictures and think to myself 'why can't you just post that to your Facebook or send it to me personally?' Maybe I'm missing something? So by the way, now said friend is urging me to get an Instagram account. OMG! I'll give you my take on that real soon. Are you a Snapchat person?