I think social media has given way to not just your typical keyboard gangsta, but a level of disrespect that would have never stood when we were kids. If you would have said things to someone back in my day that people say to each other now on social media, you'd have been shot. People didn't play back in our day. There were no anti-bullying campaigns. If you bullied someone, eventually they got tired of it and you learned your lesson the hard way.

I conduct myself on social media the same way I do in real life. To me that makes sense. Don't shoot a winky face at someones girl on social media then expect them not to take offense. I doubt you'd wink at someone's girl in person with them watching. Maybe it's because I grew up in a somewhat rough neighborhood where if you disrespected someone, that meant you better have some hands to back it up. Put some respeck on it!

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