Rickety ol' buggies are the worst. It's the absolute worst, especially when you don't realize it 'till after your shopping has commenced. Have you seen these yet? One Target store just outside of Houston, TX was one of the first to rock these super smooth new model shopping carts.

Visited the new Target store in Katy on my way to Houston for the weekend and I was so happy to see the new shopping carts they ride so smooth and love that they have built in cup holders the child seat is more comfortable and just overall super good! Even my kids were excited about this I really wish we had the option to buy one. What do you think?

So first look, Target has done away with the popular phone holder -- which personally I could never bring myself to use anyway. And while I've yet to have the chance to utilize the new model, it does appear sleeker, and looks more comfortable for kids.

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A couple people in the comments did suggest turning the kid around so they face forward, this would not only make it harder for them to grab your Starbucks, but also give them more to look at.

Let's see about implementing this next time, Target.

I'm 100% on board with the dual cup holders, but, yeah, looking through the comments, there really are a lot of folks pretty down about the removal of the phone holder. Might've been a mistake, at least by this group.

So, what do you think? Want the phone holder back? Have you had a chance to test out the new carts, yet? Do they operate as smooth as they look? Let us know.

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