As far back as I can remember, I can think of people constantly talking about how Midland/Odessa really needs a Dave and Busters. Don't get me wrong, I love me some D & B but I had no idea that this existed. It's like Putt Putt on crack with a little bit of an adult night life friendly twist.

Welcome my friends to a little place called Malibu Speed Zone. This may actually be the happiest place on earth. Apparently it's a chain too. There are several of these across the country and I had absolutely no clue. This place had 4 go cart tracks, mini golf, arcade games, an amazing built in burger joint, and.....wait for it.....a FULL BAR! I'm gonna run that by you one mo time....4 go cart tracks and A. FULL. BAR.

You don't get a smile like this organically. This was proudly brought to you by tiny little fast cars and alcohol. Me putting my beloved fiance' into the wall and still being smooth enough to snap a shot as I drove off was pretty awesome too. I'm sorry....SIKE!


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