Cuban Doll, Lil Yachty and Lil Baby make a supermarket their home in their new video for "Bankrupt (Remix)," a song they unloaded earlier this month.

In the visual, which dropped yesterday (May 23) and was directed by Sara Lacombe, Cuban Doll struts around a grocery store at her own leisurely pace as she mouths the lyrics to the song. When she's not standing on top of a cash register, she's resting atop a collection of apples. When she's not doing either of those things, she's posted up with Lil Baby and Lil Boat, kicking it in the store. Boat works behind a deli counter while his QC labelmate, Lil Baby, strolls around the market.

"Bankrupt (Remix)" is one that serves as a get-money anthem that finds Cuban, Yachty and Lil Baby flexing on the lames of the world. Cuban lands at least a few quotable bars on the track.

"Keep a hundred rounds, we gon' get him/I ain't never gave a fuck about no bitch/'Cause I'm bigger and I'm better/Keep a Smith & Wesson we can do whatever," she raps, emitting a whole lot of confidence in each bar.

The track itself continues the ascendance of Cuban Doll, who's been blowing all the way up over the last year. Speaking with XXL for The Break this past March, the Capitol Records artist made it clear she hasn't been rapping all that long.

“I’ve only been rapping for a year," Cuban said at the time. "Before I was rapping I had a following because I used to try to model. It didn’t work out for me, it was moving slow and it wasn’t really paying the bills. Modeling is hard work."

Watch Cuban Doll's video for "Bankrupt (Remix)" below.

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