Belly and The Weeknd link up. On Thursday (May 24), the Roc Nation artist once again teamed up with the XO boss for "What You Want," a melodic new tune that finds both Canada-based artists offering women the trappings of life as a rap star, but nothing in the way of genuine romance.

Belly and Abel tackle the hook on the new track, which sees the two of them keep it all the way 100 with the ladies. They can offer fun, but not a bunch else.

"I will never be what you need/But I got what you want/You just wanna spend my cash and smoke my weed/I got what you want/You've been up for days, can't get no sleep/I got what you want/See the sauce drippin' off from the heart that's on my sleeve/I got what you want," the two of them sing on the hook, alternating every bar or so.

The verses on the track are all about Belly and Weeknd offering up superficial joy to women that are all about the finer things in life. If you haven't noticed, so are these guys.

The tune belongs to Belly's forthcoming new album, Midnight Zone. The LP, which will be Belly's first project since 2017's Mumble Rap, will also include Belly's YG-assisted single, “4 Days” and “Man Listen." 

Check out the lyric video for "What You Want" below.

Roc Nation
Roc Nation

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