The latest controversy out of Florida seems too dumb to be true.

A school principal was apparently given the option of resigning/being fired for showing sixth graders in an art class a photo of the statue of David by Michelangelo (apparently parents complained because they thought Michelangelo was just one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). I would venture to say that the statue of David is probably the world's most well-known sculpture, and just barely behind the Mona Lisa as the most-known work of art in General.

When I was a kid one of my favorite places to go was the Hollywood Wax Museum & Palace Of Living Art. The latter depicted works of art as real people. Yes, that means you were able to see a real 3D wax figure of the Mona Lisa sitting in a chair. Since so many renaissance paintings featured nudity, I saw a whole lot of ding-dongs & hoo-hoos and it had ZERO effect on me. In fact, I always thought of it as the "boring filler" after seeing a wax figure of Dracula next door. It turns out that when the adults around you aren't acting like weirdos, seeing naked pieces of art is no big deal.

Now, onto the question at hand, will Texas walk hand in hand with Florida down the path of dumbness? My guess is that Texas is watching things like this very closely, and will make judgments based on the blowback (meaning, Texas will do it too if they think they can get away with it).

I don't know when art became political, or this type of art became controversial, but it needs to stop. They are laughing at us in Italy right now.  Hopefully, we can contain that ignorance to the state of Florida.

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