Have you wondered why they haven't changed the law about buying liquor on Sunday? Well, a new bill is being proposed to do just that.

The bill that blocks them from selling the hard stuff on Sundays dates back to 1935, back when prohibition ended and alcohol sales in Texas resumed.

If this proposed bill for 2023 goes through it would allow Texas liquor stores to sell anything, even the hard stuff on Sundays. This is only a year after lifting the rule for beer and wine sells before noon on Sundays.

Also there is an option for local elections as well. According to the TABC website, "although Texas has statewide alcohol laws, local voters still get to decide the types of alcoholic beverages that can be sold in their communities through local option elections. These elections can be held by counties, cities or individual justice of the peace precincts."

They say this will have a big effect on tax revenue for the state.

According to the Austin Business Journal and an analysis that was done by the council, "permitting seven-day spirit sales in Texas would generate as much as $19 million in additional state tax revenue annually. It could also increase supplier revenues by as much as $120 million each year."

This is not the first time something like this has been proposed. It has been tried before but didn't pass.

You can find out more about the current rules of alcohol sales on the TABC website.

The next session of the Texas Legislature begins in January 2023. If it passes there, it still has to go to a vote with Texas voters. If it passes through all of it, we wouldn't see it in effect until probably 2024.

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