Have any of you guys seen one of the clowns going around Midland/Odessa? I personally haven't yet but they're showing up everywhere. If they show up at my place, I'll make sure they're the ones calling the police for help when I'm done. Rolling up on me is one thing, but these guys are going to people's houses with bats and knives and some are even damaging property. I think I speak for most parents when I say, scare one of my kids like that and see if you don't regret it.

I'm all for a good scare prank but you do those in public not at a strangers house. The clown thing started in states where people don't have NEARLY as many guns. Please remember that WE ARE IN TEXAS. This is a good way to get shot. Personally, I've never been scared of clowns but a lot of people are. When you mix a clown with a bat and a person with a carry license and a fear of clowns, you get a disaster. Scaring people isn't worth losing your life. Be smart.