Let's keep it real. There's only one reason people visit Amsterdam - to get Jimi Hendrix high. Chris Brown and crew are currently in the very pot friendly country having a THC-filled time, but recently ran into some trouble with the law over some unregistered dirt bikes.

Yesterday (June 10), Breezy started posting pictures from the trip, which included him in a cloud of reefer smoke, and him toking on joints of undoubtedly some of Amsterdam's finest.

But the party briefly came to a halt a short time afterward. The crew apparently copped dirt bikes to ride around the town on but in their happy haze forgot to get the bikes registered. The crew was stopped by police. And what could have been a high-killing moment turned into pure comedy for Breezy. During the encounter, TMZ cameras capture a sky high Brown still on his bike while police flesh out the situation. A bystander speaks to cops in another language while Brown has a good old laugh at the whole situation.

In the end, the singer was taken to the station and ticketed for not having tags on the bikes. He later took to Instagram to explain the situation to fans. "Public service announcement kids. Do not drive motor vehicles without license plates. Sorry, we just bought the bikes. Forgot about the license plates. Yeah, so we are handling the situation," he said in the video.

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