Justin Bieber is a lover, not a fighter, you guys.

On June 8, the Canadian pop star was involved in a physical kerfuffle with a Cleveland man named Lamont Richmond following an NBA game he was attending. Words were yelled, fists were thrown, and Bieber ultimately went down — K.O., as they say. Of course, the whole thing was was captured by (who else?) TMZ.

But Biebs doesn't enjoy violence or fighting. In fact, as he puts it, it's "not cool" at all, and he wants his fans to know that — whether sarcastically or not. On June 10, the singer posted a video to Instagram in which he coyly acknowledges his brief but brutal brawl.

In the clip, Justin is sitting in the backseat of a car with his buddy, Generosity Water founder Micah Cravalho, when his friend attempts to show him a video on his phone.

"What are you showing me?" Bieber asks, Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" curiously playing in the background of the vehicle. "Is that a fighting video? Dude, fighting's not cool. Fighting is... Dude."

"I know," Micah responds, a little scolding. "That's why you don't take on 6'5 guys..."

Justin glances into the camera, grinning. (We see what you did there...) However, don't mistake the video for a proper apology because, well, it's not one. And lets face it: If he were going to say "Sorry," he probably would have done it by now.

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