Throughout his career, Chris Brown has been involved in and accused of some pretty wild stuff. It's almost become commonplace. But the latest allegation levied against the Virginia singer, that claims him and his crew left a vacation home covered in vomit and urine, left even the biggest Brown supporters scratching and shaking their heads. Now, CB is speaking up to deny the gross allegations against him and his team.

Late last night (July 1), a clearly perturbed Breezy took to Instagram to give his side of the story. "This is exactly why I recorded all those videos in the house," Brown said. "And this was probably 10 minutes before we left to go to the airport. They called the police, they did all type of things. Without even being in the house. Allocated all these different damages that are non-existent. It doesn't make sense."

He went on to say his celebrity status and past make it easy for people to put false claims on him. "Once again slandering my name," he said. "It's easy for them to believe it. 'Let's put Chris Brown's name in it so people can automatically assume,' because I don't automatically have the benefit of the doubt for you fucking 'fans' or people out there."

Brown vehemently denied the disgusting claims made against him adding, "I don't conduct myself like that. We turn up, we have fun. We not no fucking animals, bro."

According to TMZ, the landlord of the villa is seeking about $60,000 to cover all of the damage that was allegedly done to his property.

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