Can we all just agree once and for all that dogs are some of the smartest animals on the planet? My dog has a 6th sense when I am about to leave the house. He can be lounging, napping living his best life for hours at home but the moment I am getting ready to leave he jumps up and decides that is the exact time he needs a potty break. I don't have keys in hand, don't even have shoes on, and I'm not walking out the door, I swear he just 'senses' it, it is strange. Every single time. 

Now while this is not all the impressive to other dog owners, maybe this story about another dog from Texas that has gone viral will impress you.

Last month, a dog by the name of Bailey from El Paso, TX went missing from her newly adopted home. Bailey's family searched and searched and when they didn't have any luck finding her, they decided to contact the place from which they had adopted her, Texas Animal Rescue League of El Paso to inform them she had gotten loose and to let them know if she turned up anywhere near the shelter.

This is what the shelter posted on their website along with a photo of Bailey,

This beautiful girl — Bailey — has gotten loose in the area of Mesa and Sunland Park, on the west side. She is very friendly. If you spot her or find her, please call.

Well apparently Bailey loves to browse the internet and read the post because just days later, Bailey surprised the Animal Rescue League of El Paso and showed up on the doorstep of the shelter! It gets better, SHE RANG THE DOORBELL! At 1:15 a.m. someone from the shelter received the notification that someone at the shelter rang the doorbell, when they looked to see who it might be, it was Bailey! They immediately rushed to the shelter to let her in! 

Bailey's new adoptive home is 10 miles away from the shelter, so employees of the shelter and Bailey's family are still a bit baffled as to how she found her way but the important thing is that this story has a happy ending!


Also I just discovered on the Animal Rescue League of El Paso's Facebook that Bailey is now in the running to win America's favorite pet! You can vote for her here.

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