Do you rememeber Celebrity Deathmatch? Apparently Ice Cube does and he's helping to bring it back. I can't tell yet if it is coming back to MTV or not though. I've read that they are looking to bring it to a "3rd party network" by 2019....whatever that means. I don't care either way. The point is, it's coming back!

I do have a few concerns though. How good can it really be? The entire point to Celebrity Deathmatch back in it's hay day was to be as offensive as possible. No one was safe dead or alive. Kurt Cobain and his death were made a joke out of even. In today's PC world. I just don't see this having the same clout as it used to. Imagine if they made fun of Demi Lovato's heroine addiction or Mac Miller's death? I just don't see that flying these days with everyone so offended by everything, and that was the entire basis for CDM.

Sadly, I'm afraid this is going to suck after about 3 episodes....really bad. I hope I'm wrong.