I have a couple of pet peeves about certain issues I see on a daily basis. I think it is safe to say we all do. One thing that drives me absolutely insane that happens in public far too often is the shushing. OMG. When I hear a person shhhh another person, it makes my skin crawl. 

Can you not? Because literally, your shushing is worse and far more annoying than whatever the other person is doing! I'm sorry but it's true.

In church, a little one gets restless and rowdy, reading their books or playing with small toys a little too loudly or siblings roughhousing when they're not supposed to. It is to be expected, I mean who among us? I got in trouble all the time for all of the above when I was little but it drives me nuts for a parent to turn around, put the finger to the lips, and SHHHHHH.

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Mom, your shush was louder than whatever your kid was doing! On an airplane a small child is upset, tired, hungry, etc., and gets fussy, it's to be expected, we don't know what babies feel on a flight, and sometimes they're too small to be able to tell us. Here comes Karen with a SHHHHHH! I would rather deal with a couple of minutes of a fussy baby than hear the annoying shush sound.

Can you not? Let's work on 'a look' or even better, go ahead and put your finger to your mouth if that's what you're going for and I think the most effective situation for us all would be NO sound! I guarantee you will still get your point across and the rest of us don't have to be inconvenienced by your unwarranted SHHHHH.


a mom who managed to keep her kids quiet WITHOUT a shush

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