Read the title of this article. And then read it again. Ok, 1 more time. How backward, twisted, crazy ludicrous does it sound? Who on earth would want to marry their cousin? I don't want to know anyone who would, but unfortunately, there are people in this world who not only want to, actually go through with it and do it, legal or not!

To many of us it's just gross and weird and gross and while there may be negative stigma that surrounds the topic, believe it or not, it is NOT illegal in the Lonestar State to marry your cousin!

Girl Rejecting To Kiss Guy On Unsuccessful Date Walking Outside

Is this where the term 'kissin cousins' comes from? Ewwww. So can you just go off and marry the cousin you grew up with that is literally your mom or dad's brother/sister's kid? The answer may be pleasing to some, shocking to others...

YES, you can. However, read the fine print I am about to type,

In Texas, the only relations with permission to marry are first cousins once-removed.
If you're like me, the answer still not may be clear, there still seems to be some gray area. What exactly is a first cousin once removed? This means you can marry the child of your first cousin or if you happen to know your parents' first cousins, you can legally marry them as well. 
Weird but to me it seems as though people in the state of Texas do this so often or at least ask the question it had to be clarified and made it into the law books.

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