Buzz Question:

Ok, not sure how to feel about this. But, me and my new girlfriend were at the lake with some of her friends and she referred to me as having a 'DAD BOD".  And she did it several times during the weekend. I mean she did say 'I love your DAD BOD" but to say it repeatedly in font of her friends. I laughed it off, but not sure I liked her repeatedly  saying it. Not cool, right?


Ray Ray-

Um, why take it as a BAD thing. She may love your DAD BOD and the fact that she kept telling everyone is proof. Own your DAD BOD with pride.



I wouldn't pay much attention to the incident. She chose you is with you and a DOD BOD is just another body type. There are many. be confident in your body!


She was bragging on you. Leave it at that. You're probably taking this whole thing WRONG, I  LOVE dad bods too!!!!!!

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