Boba is back! What is "boba?" Another name for it is bubble tea and the best way to describe it is tapioca pearls, or tapioca balls that are usually black in color and about marble-sized. They are sweet and chewy and you can drink them in teas, smoothies, slushes or even coffee. They must be consumed through a large straw because the average sized straw is too small for the boba to fit through.

Leo and I discovered boba a few years ago and were hooked instantly, although the coffee shop where we would get it is now closed, unfortunately. So it's been a few years since we've had our boba fix. Until this week that is, when we heard of a new place in Odessa called Crazy Mango, they have boba!! Boba (or bubble tea) is an acquired taste, you either really love it or really don't because of it's unusual texture. My favorite bubble tea drink is green apple smoothie with boba. Definitely give boba a try and see what you think!

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