Ok, I cannot tell a lie, I don't know a whole lot about open road racing but I have several friends who are fanatics. I love seeing their FB, IG or Snapchats videos. Talk about adrenaline-filled, intense, awesome racing! If you yourself are a fan or want to see what open road racing is all about, maybe this event is for you? It is a short, less than 3 hour drive to check out some open road racing. 

The Big Bend Open Race takes place this Saturday, April 23rd. According to bborr.com,

Enthusiasts call this the Most Challenging Open Road Races in the World.

So check out the route, according to their site, it follows Hwy 285 from Fort Stockton to Sanderson and back. This is a 118-mile course with twists, turns, and elevation changes.

And if that's not exciting enough, some of the most fabulous cars will be racing. I'm talking Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, and even Corvettes.


Friday-a car show at Rooney Park in Ft. Stockton from 4-5:30 pm stop by to meet the drivers and their race cars

The parade will leave from Rooney Park and proceed North on Mail St. turning left onto Dickinson Blvd and continuing to Auto Zone

Saturday-the After Race Party in the Park will be at Rooney Park from 12:30 to 5:30

Racers will end up here once they cross the finish line. Be sure to stop by for music, food, drinks, see the cars that raced, take photos and get autographs from your favorite racers! For more information go to bborr.com

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