Here's the scenario. You're leaned back in your ride. It's a hot day so you have your A/C is cranked up and you're just trying to get hydrated and sip your favorite beverage. It's been a hard day at work and you just retreated to your car to listen to some music and be alone without anyone disturbing you. You're just starting to get into your zone when out of nowhere, Tupac himself casually opens your door and sits down like it's no big deal. You (after making sure there wasn't something in that drink you were guzzling) freak out and lose your mind. He calms you down and explains that he knows he was dead for the past 20 years and for some reason he's back but first thing first. He hasn't heard music in 20 years as well. He asks you to play the best hip hop album since his death. What do you play?

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